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Optional protocolon the involvement of children in armed conflict, on the Sale of Children, Child Prostitution and Child Pornography
Corporal punishmentCorporal Punishment is legal in the home, alternative care settings and day care.
Overview of the child rights situation

The implementation of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child is failing in Azerbaijan due, among other things, to a high child mortality rate. In addition, the observance of children's privacy and the granting of the right to expression and religion are not being implemented far enough.

Female genital mutilation and reproductive rights

The Committee recommends to intensify efforts to provide adolescents with education on sex and reproductive health and improve the accessibility of contraception.

Situation of children with disabilities

The Committee urges the State party to undertake awareness-raising campaigns on eliminating discrimination against children with disabilities, and consider enacting legislation explicitly prohibiting such discrimination as well as to establish a clear legislative definition of disability, including for learning, cognitive and mental disabilities, with the aim of accurately identifying children with disabilities to effectively address their needs in a non-discriminatory manner. Azerbaijan should also prohibit the relinquishment of new-born infants and/or children to State care on the sole basis that they have a disability, to complement this prohibition with the strengthening of support measures for parents to care for their children with disabilities, and, where such placement in care is considered, to ensure that it is done with full regard to the principle of the best interests of the child.

Situation of asylum-seeking, refugee and migrant childrenThe Committee urges the State party to take urgent and necessary measures to adequately address the situation of asylum-seeking children and therefore ensure that due consideration is given to asylum claims submitted by children, including under a refugee status determination procedure which takes into account the specific needs and rights of children and pays particular attention to unaccompanied and separated children seeking asylum, and ensure that such procedures are child-friendly and in compliance with international refugee and human rights law. Azerbaijan should also provide protection for children, including those of Chechen origin, not formally recognized as refugees and unable to return to their country of origin due to, inter alia, severe disturbances of the public order or armed conflict.
Free kindergartenNo
Free primary and secondary schoolNot clear
Digital possibilitiesThe Committee recommends that the State party increase media engagement in raising awareness of the Convention in a child-friendly manner, in particular through greater use of the press, radio, television, the Internet and other media, and the active involvement of children in public outreach activities.
physical health

The Committee urges the State party to allocate all necessary human, technical and financial resources to expeditiously improve the availability and quality of primary health care. In doing so, the State party is further urged to ensure that such health-care services are equitably accessible, particularly to children living in rural areas and socio-economically challenged situations. The Committee also recommends that the State party undertake a comprehensive study on the specific causes of child mortality, taking its findings into consideration when implementing measures to reduce and prevent such mortality.

Relation to other countries
Business sector

The Committee recommends that the State party take legislative and institutional measures to ensure that the business sector in the country respect child rights, including by providing a legislative framework that requires companies domiciled in Azerbaijan to pay particular attention to respecting child rights, particularly those companies involved in the extractive and cotton-producing industries. Azerbaijan should, inter alia, also adopt measures to help business enterprises prevent and mitigate adverse human rights impacts in their operations in the country and abroad, whether by their supply chains or associates.

Situation of juvenile justice

The Committee recommends that the State party consider enacting a law on juvenile justice through an open consultative process which includes civil society and fully addresses the resource and technical needs for its operation; and, until a juvenile justice system is established, ensure the training of all its legal, penitentiary and law enforcement professionals on the Convention. The Committee further recommends to consider establishing a specialized police service for children, particularly with regard to training on child-sensitive investigations and interrogations. Azerbaijan should also ensure that all persons under the age of 18 in custody, particularly females, are separated from adults and it should also take urgent steps to substantially improve the conditions of detention of persons under the age of 18, and bring them into full conformity with international standards.

Specific observations

The Committee urges the State party to expeditiously further strengthen its mechanisms to transparently monitor corruption at all levels and sectors, and improve the awareness of and accessibility to safe channels for reporting it. The Committee recommends that in the context of corruption in the areas of birth registration, health care and education, the State party consider measures for ensuring that information on its anti-corruption hotline is clearly visible at places where persons may seek such services. The Committee also recommends that the State party consider further strengthening its enforcement laws and mechanisms with a view to ensuring the prompt punishment of perpetrators of corruption with commensurate sanctions.

Additional BackgroundConcluding observations on the third and fourth periodic reports released on 12 March 2012.
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