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Optional protocolon the involvement of children in armed conflict, on the Sale of Children, Child Prostitution and Child Pornography, on a Communication Procedure
Corporal punishmentCorporal Punishment is prohibited.
Overview of the child rights situation

The Committee reiterates its observation (CRC/C/15/Add.205, para. 5) that the State party, as a consequence of events that occurred in 1974 and that resulted in the occupation of part of the territory of Cyprus, is not in a position to exercise control over all of its territory and consequently cannot ensure the application of the Convention in areas not under its control.

The report from Cyprus provides little information on health status and discrimination against certain groups. On the positive side, there is free education at almost all levels and the establishment of a youth parliament.

Racism, children belonging to a minority and indigenous childrenThe Committee urges the State party to increase its efforts to adopt a proactive and comprehensive strategy to eliminate discrimination on any grounds, including by considering the establishment of a targeted programme specifically addressing discrimination against children of Turkish descent and other ethnic minorities.
Situation of children with disabilities

The Committee welcomes the State party’s Ministry of Education and Culture establishing a mechanism for identification and support of children with learning difficulties, emotional and other problems. However, it is concerned that the State party has no definition of inclusive education incorporated into its law. It is further concerned that there are insufficient measures to ensure that mainstream schools are accessible to all children with disabilities.
Therefore, the Committee recommends that the State party establish a clear legislative definition of inclusive education. It further recommends that the State party adopt measures, including reasonable accommodation in all schools, to ensure that children with disabilities are able to exercise their right to education, and provide for their inclusion in the mainstream education system.

Situation of asylum-seeking, refugee and migrant childrenThe Committee urges the State party to take urgent and necessary measures, including to adequately address the situation of asylum-seeking children and, in doing so, take every necessary measure to expeditiously give full effect to the provisions of its Refugee Law, to guarantee separated and unaccompanied children legal representation in the asylum process. The Committee also urges Cyprus to ensure that the right to remain is not limited to the administrative examination stage of a claim and that, while awaiting the determination of a claim, applicants are ensured continued access to essential services. Cyprus should also provide refugees with the same level of health care as nationals, including adequate medical care to persons with special needs, and free medical care when they do not have the means and also ensure that children of internally displaced persons have equal access to all essential services, including housing schemes.
Free kindergartenNo
Free primary and secondary schoolYes
Digital possibilitiesThe Committee recommends that the State party consider prohibiting the advertising of alcohol and tobacco products through television, radio, publications, the Internet and other media commonly accessed by children and adolescents.
physical health

While welcoming the State party’s National Drug Strategy 2009–2012 to monitor the improvement of the actions by its services and organizations involved in countering drug use, the Committee remains concerned at the high rate of children consuming alcohol, tobacco, drugs and other harmful substances.
The Committee recommends that the State party systematically collect comprehensive information on the consumption of alcohol and tobacco among children, and take the necessary measures for the effective enforcement of the prohibition of the sale of such products to children.

Relation to other countries
Business sector

The Committee is concerned that the monitoring and protection of children employed as domestic workers remains inadequate, with no legislation requiring the compulsory registration of child domestic workers and the current labour inspectorate not having the mandate to carry out inspections on the working and living conditions of children in such employment.
To improve the situation, the Committee recommends to ensure adequate safeguards for children employed as domestic workers, including mandatory registration of such employment and the empowerment of labour inspectorates to carry out spot checks on the working and living conditions of children in such employment.

Situation of juvenile justice

The Committee recommends that the State party establish a juvenile justice system, including juvenile courts that have adequate human, technical and financial resources and adopt a holistic and preventive approach to addressing the problem of juvenile offenders and its underlying social factors, with a view to supporting children
at risk at an early stage. Cyprus should also ensure that children, including those between the ages of 14 and 18 years, are not subject to the adult justice system, regardless of the nature of the offence committed.

Specific observations

The Committee welcomes the State party’s abolition of so-called “artiste” visas for the entertainment sector. However, the Committee is concerned that significant problems persist with trafficking in human beings, including children, in particular trafficking of women for sexual exploitation mainly in bars, nightclubs and so-called cabarets. Therefore, the Committee urges the State party to raise the awareness of the public, strengthen early detection and prevention mechanisms and ensure full protection for all children victims of sexual exploitation and abuse, including in the family and outside.

Additional BackgroundConcluding observations on the third and fourth periodic reports released on 24 September 2012.
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